65 Million Beers Ago

by fuck yeah, dinosaurs!

I’m a family man, Got my job, three kids and a wife i Work my 9 to 5, i hate it, yeah man i pay the price I do what I can, Barely pays the bills, it's my whole life Getting shit on all the time not the mama, fuck it, it's alright Five o'clock, I'll get away I've been fighting trees all goddamn day Quitting time, im chuggin’ beers with Roy Cracking open cold ones with the boys Lately I’ve been thinkin, About drinkin and its getting me down I hate my boss, my boss hates me At least he keeps me and roy around Lately, I've been drinkin Every damn day, what's wrong with that Snooze that Goddamn alarm, It can wait til 5, with a beer in my hand
Jiggly Jello 01:48
Don’t tell mom there’re raptors in the kitchen they’re gonna drink her case of fuckin bud don’t drop the ladel, hide yourself in the fuckin stove
Do you wanna know what the fuck is up there in the sky? We all feel it, something's coming, and i think we’re gonna die Population panicking at the sight from above Space ship in the atmosphere, they didn't come with love And I'll tell you what they are, because I've fuckin known all along and the People call me crazy, and they say my facts are wrong NASA says they're aliens, but that's not quite the truth cuz the Dinosaurs are coming, and they're coming after you Funky and glowing, a radical rocket They landed in Cleveland, and met my friend Steven But they didn't eat him, they wanted to teach him The Tech Deck tricks hidden from this world With fingerboard fury and insatiable hunger They returned to Earth, another planet to plunder No lies of extinction, the dinosaurs came from outer spac Right now they're unloading crates of t-shirts Tech Decks, rails and zero gravity verts Pass em' out to the kids, gain the trust from their heart Make them like you just before you rip them apart Tail slide and you just can't get away They came to feast but they also came to hang Teach us trick and show us how to shred the gnar They're getting hungry as they're traveling the stars
URA Dinosaur 02:35
YOU ARE A DINOSAUR You woke up today, Your hands are claws Your face is elongated With Savage ripping jaws You're fucking starving, Gotta find something to kill How did this happen? It's a nightmare of a thrill You have a blood thirst, What's that your feeling? So many are dead and The bodies got you reeling Can't fuckin help it, Everyone runs from you Can't fight the instinct And There's nothing you can do WAKE UP IT’S TIME TO START ACCEPTING
I want you to know that we’re still alive somewhere in the south pacific hiding behind rocks in caves, wasting away our retirement days i donlt want to run into human debris, the state of your race is embarrassing me you took all that was left of our great planet you fucked it all up and I donlt understand it we just want to find a place to rest our bones you're waging wars over far-fetched ideas instructed by gods in the sky ill tell you right now, whats floating up there meteors that took our families' lives you abuse your power for more bucks an hour landfills slowly replacing trees the only vegetation that you're appreciating - wasting time in front of your tv screen we just want to find a place to rest our bones
You may not believe us, but we were the first on earth We ruled this fucking land, the air, the sea, the dirt We evolved and conquered, yet you pushed us to the depths Your way of life will be your fall, we’re just waiting for your death. To a demented abyss we dive Where its warm and the jungles thrive Hiding out in caves n caverns We sit and wait and watch with laughter Way down in the planet’s core You know what we’re waiting for Dino-kind will reclaim their place At the top when man becomes extinct Our return is on the brink Because Life Finds A Way We dominate, one tick past judgement day Nuclear waste, through time and space A New Ice Age, Volcanic Tidal Waves Reclaim our place, LIFE FINDS A WAY The ground quakes below you, and starts to open up A mushroom cloud of poison forms, as your kind runs amok The icy winds roar and howl, as the seas begin to rise We emerge from the shadowy depths to bring forth your demise
Bactrim 02:57
Stomp the forest with my lady She's crazy She's amazing We're out hunting something tasty A sabertooth Or Stegosaur She bit the head off of a Kryptops And let me eat the rest I think I really fucking love her As much as cold blood can allow Bactrim; It's alright, it’s okay One day she turned to me And her jaws let loose on me Ripped me up, really bloody, And we went our separate ways All my wounds got infected And the doctor said to me, “Take these pills for three weeks and Don't forget you cannot drink” My stupid heart is really punctured, In both ways, you could say Bleed for her or bleed for real, Tell me what's the difference? Do I even want to heal with these antibiotics? I could just sit here and die Or go and find another tender catch
Clever Girl 01:39
Ya know I gotta get drunk before I work them bitches I whip em and I tase em If I gotta, then I shoot em They're lethal at 8 months, that's a fuckin deadly baby Fuckin stacked, they hunt in packs They get ya, side attack We can't run, we can't hide! They can hunt us, they can smell us clever girl Smart motherfuckers, they're testing all the fences Don't want fed, just wanna hunt, Don't want goat you runt Waiting in the forest, waiting for your shit I said shoot her, fuckin shoot her, fuckin Muldoon, fuckin murder
Roar 03:53
I was young Rex, just sitting around Thinking that all life is is people telling you stuff It never stops, not for a single day Have To make some sense out everything In clomps my dad with bloody shredS hanging from his teeth and he says to me, “Its time for you to go discern your place out there in the wild with a skill you'll need” Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide Let em know that there’s Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. When they hear you roar Let them hear your roar Growl louder when you're on the prowl, put the fear of you into those around Ones who stay, didn't scare away, are the next entree on your buffet Or maybe someone stuck arounD cuz they wanna meet who made that sexy sound Practice, make it loud and forceful. our heart and lungs make it purposeful A thundrous roar when you make your kill, you'll eat em all til you've had your Phil Out stompin through the jungle, with every step, you make it rumble And if someday that you feel like shit, well all you gotta do is remember this You rule this place, you are the king, with your roar, you can do anything


This is FYD! LP #2
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Album recorded Feb. 2019 - December 2019 by Zach Jamison
Mixed and mastered by Dave Polster at Well Made Music

Extra special thanks to everyone who contributed to the IndieGoGo.
Without your help, you would not be holding this in your hands


released June 5, 2020

On This Recording, FYD! is:
@WeekendZach - vox
Phil Harrold - drums, synths, vox
Jon Stefaniak - guitar, vox
Chris Trepagnier - bass, vox


all rights reserved



fuck yeah, dinosaurs! Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


65 MILLION BEERS AGO out now on limited color vinyl!


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